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Drying high value and potent APIs in a safe manner, with minimum degradation is a challenge. Pink specialises in integrated containment drying of high value and potent API’s. Pink systems are designed to uniformly dry products by innovative control of the heating and vacuum systems. It is possible to integrate Centrifuges, Load cells, Vacuum Drying , Weigh and Pack API’s in one single unit under validated contained environments.


For cleaning cycle validation, an automatic and reproducible cleaning process is essential. The CIP (Cleaning In Place) device perfectly adapted to the VSD supports the user in this. The device consists essentially of a cleaning lance with spray heads, which are driven either electrically or pneumatically. The drive moves the cleaning lance about its vertical axis while the spray heads rotate additionally about their horizontal axis.


As another example of an intelligent combination, PINK combines VSD vacuum drying ovens, isolators and pressure nutsches in integrated systems. This combination enables the prefiltration of liquid products before the drying process proper, thus optimizing work processes. For applications in which the filling and filtration of the product is to take place outside the isolator, PINK has designed a mobile pressure nutsch for contamination-free docking.

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