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Advanced Tablet Tooling


Ölbronn-Dürrn, Germany based Notter GmbH is a World’s leading manufacturer of High Quality Tablet Tools for over 50 Years. Consistent precision and long service life are the hallmarks of Notter Tabletting Tools.

Notter continuously innovates Tablet tooling to make them more Robust, long lasting. Multi -Tip Tooling from Notter allows very High Volume production like never before.

The latest Innovation from Notter is the “NOTURA® DISC”, this is expected to be a game changer in the Tooling Industry. Notura® Disc offers a solution to breakages of tablets and extends Tooling Life by several times.

NOTTER – Tabletting Tools

Consistent precision and long service life are the hallmarks of modern tabletting tools. NOTTER has offered the same high quality for over 50 years and is proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer of standard to high-end tools for all common tablet presses.

ECO Tool Line
  • Engineered for products with normal wear behaviour and standard pressing forces
  • Normal service life
  • Available for Euro B, D
  • Possible coatings: PLASMACHROM®
  • End-to-end testing to ensure conformity with requisite parameters – simple inclusion of data in dispatch certificate
  • Made in Germany
PRO Tool Line
  • Engineered for high-volume manufacturing, including abrasive and challenging products
  • Capable of achieving very high pressing forces
  • Above-average service life
  • Materials tailored to specific application
  • Specially adapted coatings
  • Available for all tool types
  • Full measurements and documentation in dispatch certificate, including detailed dimensions relating to shaft, diameter, functional size, overall length, head height and diameter, as well as tip diameter

Our application engineer would be happy to advise you in person about the many different application areas for our tried and tested PRO Tool Line and the new NOTTER ECO Tool Line.

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