Designed and engineered for development, pilot projects and up to
full-scale production for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry

Gerteis Maschinen + Process Engineering


Typical Application

  • Several different products need to be developed quickly
  • Very poorly flowable product
  • Large volume production
  • Products with demanding physical characteristics
  • Feasibility studies
  • Heat sensitive products
  • Products that tend to develop undesirable colour
  • Biopharmaceuticals


  • Unique patented feedsystem with rollers, that can handle very wide range of products
  • Very close control over granulation parameters allowing a tight process control and uniform product character
  • Long dwell times due to large rollers, hence lower heat build up
  • Low fines generation
  • Powerful data acquisition, making development work and records reliable

About Product

The Macro-Pactor® is designed for High Volume production with the advantage of being able to handle volumes as low as 200g and as high as 400kg/hr

The Macro-Pactor®, offers the best solution for a QbD based production program due to its intelligent control system.

Innovative design allows the Macro-Pactor® to handle a very wide range of products with extreme physical properties, making it the first choice of leading Pharmaceutical Companies around the world.


  • Capacity :100g Trial purposes to 400kg/hr
  • Containment :Standard 3ug/m3 weighted average
  • Roll Speed :1-30rpm
  • Press Force :1-20KN/cm
  • Gap :1-6mm
  • Weight : 1700kg Aprox.


  • Increased Containment levels
  • Roller Cooling / Granulator Cooling
  • Several different wall mounted

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